Alarm Monitoring

We offer 24/7 Monitoring for Alarm Systems. You will always have an operator stand by to respond to any troubles that may happen. The system will be monitored for any troubles that you choose to have installed, such as burglary, medical, floods & temperature, fires and more. Should an event occur you will receive a phone call or the corresponding authorities will be dispatched. You can choose whom you want us to call, in case of an emergency so we always contact the right person in case of a problem.

Our monitoring centre works with traditional phone lines as well as trouble signals sent through the internet. We will install a LTE backup on your alarm system so you are always secure even if your phone line is cut. Our automation products will also use the same connection, so you never have to worry about losing connection to your home, regardless of where you are going.

Alarm Monitoring Services

Alarm Monitoring Services

24-7 Help

We always have an operator and customer service manager ready to speak to you. Your security is the most important thing to us. That’s why we make sure to be ready to help at all times, no matter what the situation is. If we receive a trouble signal from your alarm unit, we will check in with you and make sure everything is okay. If you are having technical issues and we cannot resolve them through the phone, we will come to you and resolve the issue in no time, so you can rest assured that everything is always ready to go and you can rely on all of our equipment and on us.


Most of our monitoring options are performed wirelessly, allowing you to free up your home phone line, if you even have one. The wireless network is monitored 24/7 and always ready to transmit any alarm condition that may be occurring. Your mobile app will also be connecting to the alarm system wirelessly, allowing you to control and review the status of your home from anywhere you are. Experience the power of wireless monitoring with one of our alarm systems today!

Easy Pricing

Your security is our priority. And we believe security should be an affordable solution, that’s why we have a very easy and transparent pricing schedule. You can find our pricing here! Not only do we offer affordable monthly rates, but also free programming of any existing alarm systems that we are taking over, as well as free moving services and discounts for new home owners and seniors. We pride ourselves in the security we offer for you and the ability to provide you with all these services at such low costs.

Enjoy advanced monitoring & save today!

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