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An Alarm System doesn’t just help stop criminals from taking and destroying your home and belongings. Alarm Systems can help alert you in case of fires, gas leaks, floods, low temperature and more. They also bring the capability of having a medical alert device that is monitored 24/7/365 and affordable at the same time. If that doesn’t convince you then check out the automation options that we can integrate with your system, so you have access to almost every aspect of your home, regardless of where you are.

With Authorized Impact Inc. you not only have the advantage of state of the art technology monitoring and automating your home. You also have us to help you 24/7 should you run into any issues or simply have questions. We are committed to your satisfaction by offering same day installations, 24/7 monitoring and service as well as affordable monitoring rates for your home and business. Let us help you secure your home today, book an appointment for a free estimate.

Home Security Capabilites


Enjoy knowing your home is safe. With an alarm system it is 300% less likely that someone will break in, and if they do, they will know they are being watched.


Knowledge about a fire, before it becomes life threatening, will save your life. Let us install our fire detection equipment and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you are safe.


Great for seniors, our medical alerts can save lives. With minimal costs, immediate fall detection and a emergency button on a necklace, you will have help in no time.


Protect your home from floods, low and high temperatures, carbon monoxide and fire. Know about any of these condition immediately, and be able to act right away.

Our Services



We monitor alarm systems 24/7/365. In case of an alarm, a medical alert or a flood or fire event, we are always ready to help. Upon installation we will have you create a list of contacts for your alarm system. That way we can inform you and always have a backup if you are not available. We can also dispatch the necessary authorities, as required.



We will professionally install your new alarm system, test everything and connect it to our monitoring station. That way you can rest assured that your alarm system is set up and communicating properly, and that your home is properly secured.



Our Alarm systems don't just secure your home, but they can make it even more comfortable. We can automate thermostats, lights, locks, garage doors, plug-ins and more. Not only can you control everything centrally from your home, but also from your smart phone or tablet, anywhere you have internet access.



Wherever you go your home will always stay connected to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can arm and disarm your alarm system, check if you closed your garage door, and more. You can also set up alerts to be notified when your alarm is armed and disarmed or any other events that you want to stay informed about.

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