Burglary Alarms & Sensors

There are 8,000 home invasions and burglaries every day in North America. Canada, on average, experiences 289,000 home invasions every year. These figures are shocking, and crime is only rising. If you do not have a home alarm system within your premises, your home is up to 300% more likely to be broken into than a home with a functioning alarm system. We are here to help you improve your homes security, and ensure that you have the best security for your home so you will never have to experience a home invasion or burglary.

We not only have advanced alarm systems available, but also the sensors that will be able to protect almost every aspect of your home. From standard door and window sensors and motion sensors to advanced glass break sensors, we have it all. All of our sensors are built to eliminate false alarms, so dropping a glass will not trigger the glass break sensor, nor will a dog running around the house trigger the motion sensor. The sensors accomplish this by analyzing more variables within the environment, such as sound and pressure changes for glass breaks. Only if certain criteria are met the sensor will alarm.

Burglary Sensors & Commmunications


We can install wireless and wired door sensors, motion sensors, glass break sensors and more to secure your home from burglaries.


Our systems can be expanded with cameras, garage level sensors, touch screen keypads, two-way audio equipment and more for better security.


From basic telephone communications, internet communications and LTE (cell phone network) communications, we have the right solution for your system.


We monitor your alarm system 24/7 so your home is always secure. If you ever run into any trouble our technicians are always ready to help you.

Our Services

- High Security

Our sensors allow you to protect yourself from burglaries and many other situations. We offer Door and Window Contacts, Motion Detectors, Glass Break Detectors, Shock Sensors, Asset Protection & Tracking Sensors and level sensors for garage doors or high doors. With all these sensor you can rest assured that your home is secure and all your high value assets are also always secure and protected. Your security is our number one priority, that’s why we will provide you with the best possible equipment to always protect you, your loved ones and all of your assets and your home.

Immediate Response

We will know if there’s a burglary in progress at your home within nanoseconds. This allows us to immediately respond to the trouble and notify you of the signal we have received. This way you can review your cameras and let us know if you want the police notified or it was just a false alarm, because your dog broke the door. Either way, we are ready to help immediately in case of any emergency. We will make sure your home is always secure, and should anything ever go wrong, we are right there to help.

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