Carbon Monoxide/Gas (CO) Detection

Carbon Monoxide/Gas (CO) Detection

If the vents on your furnace are clogged, or your furnace is broken all together toxic gases will escape and creep through your home. The most prominent gas is known as Carbon Monoxide (CO), also referred to as the silent killer. Carbon Monoxide can kill an average person within very little time, making it impossible to escape without being forewarned. More than 50% of carbon monoxide incidents occur within homes and 20% occur within businesses.

Our Alarm system can be integrated with CO sensors that will monitor your house 24/7 and make sure you and your family are safe. Should traces of CO be detected the system will alert you and allow you to leave the premises before the gases will have any effects on you. These devices can save your life and are very reasonably priced and monitored 24/7. Call us today to have yours installed. As with all of our sensors we can integrate them into existing alarm systems and they are available hard wired as well as wireless.

Carbon Monoxide & Gas Detection


Know about gas leaks at your home or business before it becomes a danger to you, so you have enough time to evacuate your premises and save lives.


Once we receive a trouble signal for a fire or CO leak, we will either call you or dispatch the correct authorities, based upon what you choose to do.


Knowing about a fire or gas leak within your home or business early, will help you vacate the premises and get to safety, saving the lives of you and your family.


Children and pets are the first to feel the effects of CO gases. Protect your family and your pets, by getting alerted about leaks early.

CO & Gas Leak Detection

Early Detection

CO (Carbon Monoxide), the silent killer. CO is generated by combustion processes, such as a furnace, motor-vehicle, gas ovens and fires. It is called the silent killer because it is odorless and colorless. Our equipment allows the detection of CO before it is too late. Once the system alarms we will receive a trouble signal, and can help you by dispatching the necessary authorities for your issue. We do all this while you lead your family to safety. All you have to do is wait for the fire department and ambulance to arrive, we take care of the rest.

Immediate Response

Should CO be detected in your home you will know right away. The sensor will alarm, and so will the alarm system, even if it is not armed. This allows you to communicate with us and gives you enough time before there are fatal CO levels within your home to get to safety. Once we receive the trouble signal we will dispatch the necessary authorities to help you with that emergency. This immediate response and early detection can save your and your families lives.

Saves Lives.

Every year lives are lost to CO poisoning. We aim to minimize these deaths, by alerting you early and making sure you have help available the second it happens. Our alarms will make sure you have enough time to get to safety, and you will not have to worry about alerting the authorities as we take care of that for you. CO related emergencies are very dangerous and require a very early detection to ensure you have enough time to leave the premises before you experience fatal levels of the dangerous gas. Our system allows you to enjoy the added safety, because you never know when the emergency may happen.

Protect yourself and your family today

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