Fire Protection

Every year close to 3000 lives are lost to fires in North America. Almost every single one of those deaths could have been prevented by installing fire detection equipment within the property. We not only offer state of the art detection equipment, but also 24/7 monitoring of these devices, so should a fire break out you will be alerted and we will make sure to also alert the proper authorities, if you elect to have us do that.

Our equipment doesn’t just monitor for smoke, but it also detects heat. This eliminates all the false alerts that happen from cooking and other sources of smoke inside. Our equipment can also be hardwired or completely wireless, in order to preserve your homes appearance and to make it easier to install and maintain. Protect yourself, your family and your pets from fires today. Call us to find out how affordable and efficient our equipment and services really are.

State of the art sensors and protection


Our equipment scans for heat and smoke, which means that there will be a minimal amount of false alarms. No more false alarms from cooking or smoking.


Our sensors detect fires early to make sure you have enough time to vacate your home or business and get to safety, saving your  and your families life.


Once we receive a trouble signal for a fire or CO leak, we will either call you or dispatch the correct authorities, based upon what you choose to do.


Knowing about a fire or gas leak within your home or business early, will help you vacate the premises and get to safety, saving the lives of you and your family.

Fire Protection Services

Early Detection

Our sensors constantly analyze the environment within your home, to ensure no heat and smoke are present. If any of the alarm conditions are met, your alarm system will alarm even if it is not armed. Your fire detector will also alarm letting you know about the issue. This allows you to get your family, pets and any guests to safety before anyone is seriously harmed. We install all of our sensors to ensure the earliest possible detection of any fire danger, so you are always secure.

2-way Voice

With our 2-way voice feature we can communicate with you the second your alarm system alarms for a fire trouble. This allows us to analyze the situation and find out if you are experiencing a fire at your home, or if you are cooking and set the sensor off by accident. We can then dispatch the according authorities as per your request, allowing for earlier notification of the fire department, which may safe your home from any serious fire damage.

Immediate Response

Our alarm systems will alert as soon as smoke or extreme heat is detected. This allows us to respond to the trouble right away and ensure you are safe. If you are experiencing a fire at your home, we can help right away by dispatching the fire department and other necessary authorities. We take care of all of this while you lead your family, pets and guests to safety. You will have less to worry about in case of an emergency, because we are taking half the load off your shoulders.

Protect yourself from fire today

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