Flood & Temperature Detection & Protection

Floods can destroy entire homes. Oftentimes floods occur when you are on holidays, allowing the water to destruct your property significantly. The repairs are costly and the occurrence will also increase your home insurance. Our sensors can alert you of the presence of water. They can be wireless or wired sensors and placed everywhere you are concerned for leaks to form.

Not only can we alert you of the presence of the water, but also help you save your home. We offer water shut-off valves that will allow you to remotely control your water main to your house. With it you can cut the water to your home in case of a flood, so that the destruction due to the water is minimal and you don’t have to worry about the issue until you get back to your home and can call a plumber to repair the issue.

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Low or high temperatures can cause issues for your home and business. Our sensors can detect these issues and alert you so you can respond accordingly.


Flood sensors can help you detect pipe breaks and leaks before they cause an issue, giving you time to respond to the issue right away to prevent damages.


Your water main can be fitted with an automatic shut off valve that will allow you to shut off the water coming into your house to prevent damages

Environmental Protection

We will provide you with the necessary sensors and products to protect yourself from natural disasters, and make sure your home is always secure.

Protect yourself from Disaster

Shut-off Valves

Not only can we detect leaks or floods within your home, but we can also help prevent these floods and leaks. With our automatic shut-off systems we can integrate a valve that will close upon a low temperature or flood alert. This way your home will be protected until you are back home and ready to deal with the issue. Protect your home from devastating flood damages and pipe leaks today. These events usually happen when you don’t have access to a phone, so let our automatic solutions take care of the issue until you are ready to deal with it.

Early Alert

Get an alert on your phone the second a leak or flood happens. This allows you to respond immediately to the issue and protects your home from any additional damages that may occur. Instead of returning back home from holidays and experiencing the devastating damages a flood has done to your home, you will be able to deal with it on the spot, no matter where you are. With our security system you can also let your plumber in from across the world, after ensuring it is him through your installed camera. All this is possible with our solutions, so what are you waiting for?


Always be reassured that your home is leak and flood free no matter where you go. This way you can go about your day comfortably knowing you will find out about any issues within your home within a few seconds. If you are leaving for holidays and you have our water shut-off valve installed you can also shut off the water to your home on the fly, just in case you forgot to do that before leaving your home. You will always know about the status of your home with our solutions, so find out more today!

Know about disaster before it strikes

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