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Home automation can help make your home more secure and more comfortable. Anything is possible, such as controlling lights & devices, garage doors, door locks, thermostats and more. With automation you can set up scenes that will allow you to create events that will trigger a certain response from the system, such as disarming your alarm system will turn on your living room and kitchen lights, adjust the thermostat accordingly and close your garage door.

Automation can play a great role in security by allowing you to check if your doors are locked, your garage door closed. Many of the automation devices also come with sensors that will allow you to secure certain parts of your home as well. Beyond that, automation also allows you to save energy, by turning off your lights, and turning them on accordingly when you get home, your thermostat will also be a great energy saver.

Automation made easy.


All of our alarm systems are compatible with automation, making it easy to enroll devices, and enjoy total comfort with a small investment.


Your automation products will be using the same communications that your alarm system uses, so it is completely secure and reliable at all times.


Everything can be controlled from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Most settings can be changed with a simple click of a button within the control panel.


If you have questions about our advanced automation products, visit our FAQ, or give us a call today to get your questions answered.

Home Automation Solutions


Our automation solutions add convenience to your life day by day. From being able to adjust your thermostat remotely, to opening doors and viewing your home remotely. Our automation solutions allow you to find out if doors are opened or closed, if lights are on or off, and what the temperature of your home is, right from the same app or web interface. The capabilities of our automation solutions are nearly endless, as they can be integrated with multimedia and whole home automation solutions, so you can enjoy comfort all around.


Set up scenes within your home that allow you to trigger your automation devices in certain events. For example, upon unlock the front door, you can set your alarm system to disarm, your lights to turn on in specific rooms and your thermostat to increase the temperature to the temperature you set for it. These scenes allow you to enjoy your automation to its fullest extent. You can customize these scenes on your phone, tablet and web browser, so changes are made very easily and take close to no effort.


Our automation solutions work with Z-wave wireless transmission system. Z-Wave allows you to enjoy an interference free frequency to automate your home, which means your commands will always arrive at the device, and you don’t have to worry about placing the phone or your router too close to the automation device. The wireless capabilities also allow for a very easy installation and maintenance of the automation units, so you don’t need a technician to constantly maintain everything. Just sit back and enjoy.

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