Medical Protection & Alerts

Medical alerts happen on a daily basis. Our panels have integrated emergency buttons that will allow you to call in an emergency within seconds. Not only do we know about the emergency, but we can also have a two-way communication with you so that we know what is happening and how to respond properly. We also offer medical bracelets and necklaces. These units are wireless and allow you to call in an emergency with the push of a button.

The medical bracelets and necklaces are very useful for seniors that live on their own, or people with medical problems that need attention immediately. Everything is monitored 24/7 and the capability for 2-way communication still exists. We can respond to your issue immediately and find out what’s happening to make sure to have medical personnel respond as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Be prepared

Ease of use

All of our panels come with a built in button for a medical alert. With a push of the button, we will know that something is happening and will respond immediately.

Two-way audio

Our Alarms are two-way audio compatible, so you can speak to our operators and ask for help. Then we can request help immediately.


You don’t necessarily have to be at the panel to request help. We offer necklaces and bracelets that have emergency buttons & audio built in.


With our cameras and wearables, checking on your relatives in case of an emergency has never been easier. Make sure they are safe, and enjoy peace of mind.

Medical Alerts for Seniors & Homes

2-way Voice

This feature allows us to communicate with you directly through your alarm system or medical bracelet. In case our system detects a fall or you press the emergency button we are ready to help you immediately and assure that you are fine. If you are experiencing any medical trouble or are unresponsive we can dispatch the according authorities to make sure you have help for the condition that you may be in. Having the ability to speak with us directly allows to minimize false alarms and helps us alert the authorities of your condition at an early stage so they are prepared and ready to help immediately.

Fall Detection

Our medical bracelets and necklaces have a feature that allows the device to detect falls and alert us of the issue. Once we receive the trouble signal we can communicate with the wearer of the device directly and assure that they are okay. If additional help is required we will dispatch medical help to ensure immediate help. The devices also have an integrated emergency button that will allow us to know of any trouble and again communicate with the person wearing the device in order to provide the necessary help.

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