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There are many other automation devices out there that we can integrate into your automation solution for you. Absolute anything is possible from automatic media control, blinds, automated projection screens and more. Everything will be accessible from your smartphone or laptop and you can operate it from anywhere you want. You won’t have to get up while watching your favorite movie, and if you think you forgot something, you can check the same way, and fix it if required.

Also check out our excellent home theater line-up, that we can gladly help you out with. Our automation solutions can integrate with our home theater products, so you can fully enjoy the power of your home theater. Our technicians will be able to help you find the right products and equipment to get you set up and ready to go.

Automate your home, start today


Control your home from your smartphone, laptop or tablet. You will always be able to connect to your home, so you can check in and enjoy the ease of use.


We have nearly endless possibilities to automate your home, let us know what you are looking for, and we can most likely find a solution for you.


Our automation products can integrate with the security products to make your home even more secure, keep you informed and make it even more comfortable.


If you have questions about our Automation products, visit our FAQ, or give us a call today to get your questions answered.

Automation Possibilities


The Z-Wave technology allows us to tie in virtually any automation device. This gives us the capability to build custom automation solutions and automate any device that you want automated. Whether you want popcorn popped the second you turn on your TV, or have the ability to watch a movie downstairs and walk upstairs to continue watching the same movie, we can help you integrate your dreams into your home. Nothing is impossible with our automation solutions, so get started today and let us realize your dreams.

Easy Enroll

Z-Wave devices support a one button enroll into the system. So all you have to do is scan for a new device on the alarm system and click the according button on the system. This allows for quick enrollment into the system. The system will then automatically identify the type of device it is dealing with and add it accordingly. You won’t have to do anything else other than use the device for whatever it is programmed for. Ask us about our custom integration solutions, and let us help.

Automate your home and enjoy the comfort

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