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Did I look the front or back door when I left? Did my child take their key to school? All these questions usually happen in the most inconvenient of times. With our automation locks you can check if your door is locked or unlocked on the fly from your smartphone or computer. If your child or spouse forgot their key you can either let them in remotely or assign them a user code for the doors and go completely key-less.

Not only can you check if your door is locked from your phone, but you can also assign different user codes on the lock and erase them accordingly. If you have any service that is to be done in your home and contractors have to get in or a maid that comes to your home, you can assign them a user code and delete it once they are done, or no longer working for you. See the power of automated locks for yourself. Get started today!

Automated Doors help you save


Not only can you unlock your doors through the code on the lock, but also through your smartphone or laptop, allowing you to never use a key again.

Assign Codes on the Fly

Contractors, Maids, children, everyone can get their unique ID and code on the lock, so they are never left waiting and you always know whats going on.


Instead of unlocking your home and running to the alarm system to turn it off, allow the lock to disarm the alarm system at the same time.


Automated locks can be quite confusing at first, and you might have a few questions about it. Visit our FAQ section or call us to get your answers today.

Lock/Unlock Doors wherever you are.

User Friendly

Our wireless locks are very user friendly. They have instruction printed directly on them, hidden by a cover, so you are never left looking for the user manual to reprogram your user code. We will enroll the lock into your security system for you, and all you ever have to worry about is changing the batteries every few years. The lock will be able to communicate with the alarm system wirelessly, and no additional maintenance other than changing the batteries will ever be required. Lock and unlock your home from your phone or from the keypad on the door, never lose a key again.

Easy install

Since you most likely already have a deadbolt lock on your door, we just have to replace that old lock with our new lock. The locking mechanism will work the same, the only difference will be the keypad on the one side of the door and the new backing on the other side. The installation can be done within minutes and is minimally intrusive into the looks of your door. We have a variety of colors available to match your doors trim, and let the new lock blend in. We will help you program your user code for the lock, enroll it into the automation system and familiarize you with the new wireless lock, so you know how to use everything before we leave.

Added Security

The lock allows you to monitor the status of your door, so you will know it is locked or unlocked. If you just left for your holidays and forgot to lock your door, you can program the lock to automatically lock after a certain time or just remotely lock the door from your mobile app. Either way you can rest assured that your door will be locked for the time that you have left, and your home is secure. Your alarm system will help you keep everything secure, and will constantly update you about the status of your system.

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