Security & Comfort

Many companies offer automated lighting, with bulky, ugly boxes that will plug in just before your electrical appliance or light and will control it wirelessly. Our solutions replace your light-switch and electrical plugin, so you won’t see the difference until you start controlling it from your phone, alarm system touchscreen or laptop. You can even set up scenes to make your home look lived in if you are on holidays. Enjoy all the benefits without the big bulky boxes.

Our light switches and plugins will work with almost any light and device. They can also be used to automate ceiling fans and enjoy dimmable lights to their full extent by dimming through your smartphone, or alarm system touch screen device. They can even integrate with some universal remotes, allowing you to control your lights and other devices directly from the comfort of your couch or anywhere else you go on this planet.

How can automated lights & devices help you?


Set up scenes to have your home automated without you having to control anything. Read more about scenes, or call us today to get started.


Enjoy total comfort with our app, that will enable you to control your entire home from the palm of your hand or a computer. Get started today.


Turning on lights on a regular basis without being actually there will increase your security by making your home look lived in.


If you have questions about our Lighting & Electronics Automation products, visit our FAQ, or give us a call today to get your questions answered.

Automate Lighting Today

Easy Install

Our light automation solutions are very easy to install. They require the replacement of a light switch, and we will enroll the unit into your automation menu, so you don’t even have to deal with the trouble of configuring the new light. The light switch looks like a normal light switch and is powered by the same power the light is, so you won’t have to change any batteries. The light switches are also extremely affordable and can help you maximize electricity savings, by allowing you to shut the lights on and off from virtually anywhere.

Remote Control

Dial into your automation system from the mobile app or your web browser and activate individual lights. You can also create and modify scenes to fit your needs, all right from the palm of your hands. The app is very easy to use with the same user interface the alarm panel gives you. So you never have to learn more than one thing as all of them look very similar. Turn lights on and off directly with the virtual switch or from your alarm system, and make sure everything is working correctly right from the interface.

Enjoy automated lights anywhere you go.

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